I recently did a quick-scan to see if there was interest in a special online sports application. The whole idea behind this is to make your daily work in sports more efficient, spending less time for simple tasks, and also making use of modern tools.

The international sportadministrators participating in the quick-scan gave some very good ideas.

After analyzing them there are two main ideas left over.

Click on the plus sign to read some feedback on the ideas:

1. Online saving and sharing documents

  • Definitely need a contact and correspondence manager, therefore I want to be able to see all correspondence and documentation that has gone to our members.
  • At the moment I store all my documents on email (I send it to myself).  My only concern would be the levels of access to these documents. I would be a bit worried that confidential documents could be seen by those who were not meant to see them.
  • Any document (in & out) is scanned and forwarded to the competent department, so nobody loses correspondence. However, it is not online.
  • This would be really helpful. The IOC developed an extranet for communication with the IFs. Something similar would be useful for correspondence with NFs.

2. Online database for contact information sport organizations (like an online phonebook, specifically for sports in your country)

  • Regarding contact information, we don’t have it. Every employee has it own way of organizing these contacts. It could be useful if this was available to everyone.
  • Yes, would also like to take it down to contact details of coaches for the different sports around the country. We are currently using excel for this but would prefer online database as well.
  • I have built an unofficial database for contact and sport organizations for myself, but yes I could see the benefit of an online version.
  • We are all the time calling to ask for a phone number of the federations or the sport institutes of each city… The communication with the federations is awful; we have to call them 4 or 5 times to get information.
  • I see a definite need for NOC’s to keep abreast of information of their stakeholder organizations, I believe this should extend beyond just contact information for executive members of NSO’s but include  affiliated clubs, and if possible a membership  list of each club.

So to make the next step, I would really appreciate it if you could participate in this project by selecting one of the ideas that you think would benefit you the most.

Which of the 2 ideas would you like me to start with? I need to have a winner 😉

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